Our kids need investments in support

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Social, emotional, mental health .                $5.8M

      27 social workers, 10 counselors, 10 psychologists, 8 coordinators

     Expansion of Communities in Schools support and SEL training

School security and safety (Phase III)                                                  4.2M

     15 CSA’s and 25 SRO’s

     Digital monitoring services

Preventive maintenance and custodial staffing                        7.1M

    37 custodians in schools and on-site maintenance staff

     Contracted services for clean, healthy learning environments

Increase for homeless and pre-k students transportation        1.1M

Modernize HR and business information systems                              3.0M

Maintenance and operating costs for additional facility space    0.6M

Single sign-on to digital resources for students and staff 0.3M

Investments in supporting students $22.1M