Our kids need investments in people

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Local supplement increase for teachers and certified staff     $8.0M

      Bring district supplement pay to highest in state plus 1%

Estimated state driven salary increases           7.4M

5% certified staff (teachers); 6% school admin; 3% non-certified

Phase I: Market driven adjustments for non-certified staff     9.9M

     Minimum pay to $13.22/hr. for hourly staff

      (i.e. custodians, teaching assistants, groundskeepers)

      Adjust experienced staff in accordance with new market rates

Increase teacher assistant hours from 37.5 to 40 weekly      1.8M

Local supplement for state-provided enhancement teachers    0.9M

Retirement and health insurance rate increase   4.3M

Employee recognition program                                 0.2M

Investments in people  $32.5M