Our kids should matter most in our community.

Numbers in budgets today create stories about their tomorrows.

Our budget is built with numbers. But it is not really about counting.

Our budget is really a story about what matters most to us.


Our kids need investments in equity

Guarantee a viable curriculum and access to fine arts
Cultural proficiency training for staff and students
Deeper professional development for educators


Our kids need investments in people

Local supplement increase for teachers and certified staff

Estimated state driven salary increases

Phase I: Market driven adjustments for non-certified staff

Increase teacher assistant hours from 37.5 to 40 weekly

Local supplement for state-provided enhancement teachers 

Retirement and health insurance rate increase

Employee recognition program

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Our kids need investments in support

Social, emotional, mental health  

School security and safety (Phase III) 

Additional custodians and preventive maintenance

Increase for homeless and pre-k students transportation 

Modernize HR and business information systems  

Maintenance and operating costs for additional facility space

Single sign-on to digital resources for students and staff


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